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Hello, I’m Christy Ogley-Bramer.

I am a Registered Social Worker (RSW) and therapist, with a Bachelors (BSW) and Masters (MSW) in social work. I’ve been working in the field for about 15 years and love the work that I do.

As a therapist, I use a mix of approaches, depending on what works for you. For trauma, I am trained in Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) and training in Eye Movement Densitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) this fall (2023). Overall, I have a warm and pragmatic, skills-based approach, tailoring the amount of structure to your needs. I use a strengths-based, systemic, anti-racist and anti-oppressive framework – meaning I honour your unique strengths and acknowledge the various forms of oppression you may face. Cultural knowledge is important to me – including language, country of origin, religion, identity, and understanding unique workplace cultures.

I enjoy helping people learn coping strategies for challenging symptoms – like worry, low motivation, feeling on edge, and a sense of being disconnected from other people. It fills my cup to see clients breathe more easily, make sense of things, and build a more hopeful and healthy future. 

On a personal note, besides a general desire to help others and make a difference, some of my own difficult and traumatic experiences led me into social work. Not one to give up, I learned to speak French in my 20s while working and living in France. The experience of being an outsider, learning a new language, and acclimatizing to a new culture helped me grow as a person, and gave me an appreciation of what newcomers face arriving in Canada. I fell in love with French culture, and became involved in the GTA’s diverse francophone community upon my return. I am now a parent to an active toddler and identify as queer.

If you’re wondering if we might be a good fit to work together, please schedule a free consultation with me by emailing or booking directly. Finding a therapist is no picnic, but a quick chat often gives you all the info you need. You’ll get a feel for my style and can ask any lingering questions. I look forward to meeting with you.

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